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    Posted byadmin on Tuesday, January 17 @ 11:48:29 EST
    Contributed by admin

    This was posted on Global Greyhound by Larry Birnbaum.
    Great article Larry!



    In less than 30 days 64 of the best racing Greyhounds in America (and possibly several entries from Ireland and Australia), will compete in the Derby Lane Million Dollar Race. The 1st place prize will be the richest in history with the winner cashing a cool ½ Million!

    HATS OFF to Vey Weaver for making this race happen at Derby Lane. This is the oldest Oval in America having been established in 1925.

    "T. L. Weaver, a lumber entrepreneur expanded his timberland holdings and lumber operations to St. Petersburg, Florida during the land boom of the 1920s. He sold one pine tract to a group of local businessmen who constructed a greyhound tr ack. Unable to pay their outstanding balance, they gave the track to Weaver's lumber company. It has been with the Weaver family ever since. In the first years of greyhound racing, the season was short, so Weaver booked other entertainment events including stock car races and even an exhibition football game with legendary Jim Thorpe. Since then star golf, tennis and baseball athletes Lou Gehrig, Babe Ruth and Walter Hagan have continued to find entertainment watching star greyhound athletes like Racing Ramp, Lucky Pilot and Keefer. Derby Lane's concrete and steel grandstand replaced the original wooden structure in 1949, and 16 years later fine dining was introduced in a six-story enclosed clubhouse and in 1977 a veranda clubhouse gave way to an additional enclosed grandstand. A greyhound kennel compound built in >1990 is surrounded by native plants and ponds. These wetlands are a preserve for many varieties of birds. It also houses our greyhound adoption kennels. Technological changes throughout the years have insured accuracy in every aspect of racing from odds computations to race draws. Derby Lane's growth today marks new heights of simulcasting its greyhound races nationally and internationally."
    Many great athletes have graced the surface at Derby Lane.as a matter of fact more All-Americans have come from the Tampa/St. Pete circuit than any other Racetrack the last six years (1999-2004), with 18 of the 42 spots having run at Derby Lane.


    Greys Outbound (Oswald Cobblepot-Greys Julianna) Greymeadow Kennel


    Dominator (P's Raising Cain-Spect So) Ryan Farms
    BD's Phillip (Oshkosh Racey-Hazardous Curves) C. Marriott-W. Denton
    JB Junior B (P's Raising Cain-Vanessa Go*) Ryan Farms-J. Potter
    Greys Free Bird (Fortress*-Greys Julianna) Greymeadow-J. Frenette


    Talentedmrripley (Greys Statesman-Oneco Malee) Bahama Mama Kennel
    Kiowa Sweet Trey (Oswald Cobblepot-TM's Sweet Dream) ZEZ-V. Berland, K. Smith
    Courageous Nicky (Molotov-Belated Gift) R. Thorne Kennel-A. Pratt


    Talentedmrripley (Greys Statesman-Oneco Malee) Bahama Mama Kennel
    Ben Awhile (Greys Flamebeau-Bistro Queen) LaRosa Ent.-G. Adler
    Dodgem By Design (Gable Dodge-Cruzin By Design) Charter Kennel
    Kiowa Sweet Joe (Oswald Cobblepot-TM's Sweet Dream) ZEZ-Flying Eagles


    Cayman Went (Snow Bow-Faithful Message) Bahama Mama-Green Turtle Cay
    WW Apple Jax (Derby Day*-WW Royalprincess) Ward-H. Hal Gill
    Rooftop Moby (Molotov-Faithful Maid) Marriott-James Potter


    Cayman Went (Snow Bow-Faithful Message) Bahama Mama-Green Turtle Cay
    WW Apple Jax (Derby Day*-WW Royalprincess) Ward-H. Hal Gill
    Flying Newport (Flying Train-Model Girl) ZEZ-Edward Zeroski, Jr.


    The richest race in history has drawn to it some of the fastest Racing Greyhounds in the history of the "Sport of Queens"

    . Here are some top candidates listed alphabetically (these are my Top 20 which are obviously subject to change at anytime and I believe that they all have spots and hopefully they will all stay sound up until race time which is February 11th 2006). All of the dogs listed below are already at the Derby Lane compound. Most have schooled on or call Derby Lane their home. There will a number of other dogs that have yet to school in from tracks like Lincoln as well as (I believe) three dogs from Ireland and two dogs from Australia that I have not listed.

    BOONE'S FISHNKID (MULBERRY MEMORY X BOONE'S CANDIBAR) - Mulberry Memory is a terrific Sire and under-rated to boot. Bonne's Fishnkid is well traveled and has proved his metal at four different racetracks in 2005. He wo n Grade AA races at Wheeling, Hollywood, Buffs Run and Southland. He possesses incredible Box speed and a heck of a rush to the 1st turn. If the other competitors are not careful they just may be looking at his heels. He certainly is tough to catch once on the lead.

    CHANGE FOR A ONE (WIGWAM WAG X COME HOME HAPPY) - Wigwam Wag has sired many great Racing Greyhounds including the current number one Sire in America named Gable Dodge. Change or One has run two of the fastest times ever run in the history of Derby Lane recording super quick times of 30.06 and 30.15. This speedster is on a current seven race win streak and won the recently concluded All-Star Kennel Stakes at Derby Lane. This phenomenal dog has to be considered one of the favorites to win it all as he seems to really enjoy racing at St. Pete.

    EBONY RIVER (DK'S PRIMETIME X TURBO CHOPPER) - DK's Prime Time has thrown many great racers around the country. Ebony River has been on fire since being shipped in from Wheeling winning 3 out of 4 races at Derby Lane including super fast times of 30.18 and 30.22. Here is a Racing Greyhound that seems perfectly suited for the racetrack configuration at St. Pete. This big 78 pound male possesses a come from behind style and seems to have plenty left in the gas tank at the end of the race.

    FLYING NITROGEN (KIOWA SWEET TREY X FLYING MONACO) - Kiowa Sweet Trey was an All-American in 2001. In 2002 he finished 3rd in the St. Pete Sprint Classic (fellow All-Americans Dodgem By Design and Talentedmrripley finished 1-2). Flying Monaco is replacing her brother Flying Hydrogen who unfortunately recently chipped a bone in his stopper which eliminated him from the competition. Flying Hydrogen is the track record holder at Wichita and won 6 Grade AA races in a row at Wheeling including a very fast time of 29.67. Flying Nitrogen has also won Grade AA at Wheeling also and recorded a nifty time herself of 29.81.

    GABLE CUIDADO (GABLE DODGE X SPEEDY SHANA) - Gable Dodge was the #1 Sire in America in both 2004 and 2005 and has produced many Stake Dogs and All-Americans. Gable Cuidado is an invader from Wheeling that has been winning Grade AA over the 3/8 distance. His running style seems perfectly suited to the racetrack at Derby.

    GREYS CALIBRATOR (CRAIGIE WHISTLER X GREYS NOSE DIVE) - Craigie Whistler won the 2001 St. Pete Sprint Classic in 2001 besting three All-Americans (BD's Phillip, Courageous Nicky and Dominator), in the process. Greys Calibrator is one of the fastest females in America in the opinions of many observers. She has won 9 Grade AA races at Wheeling (before being shipped to Derby Lane) including a near Track Record time of 29.49 (Lewis and Wax holds the 5/16 record at 29.37). She won 6 Grade AA's in a row at Wheeling, where many feel that the competition level is the toughest in America.

    GREYS HUNTINGTON (JB JUNIOR B X GREYS NEWSPRINT) - JB Junior B was himself an All-American and called Derby Lane his home track in the year 2000 when he was the track Win Leader. Greys Huntington sold for $40,000 dollars at the NGA Fall 2005 Auction in Abilene Kansas. As track announcer Jim Peak is fond of saying - "Greys Huntington kicks it in another gear." This usually happens at he toteboard as this superstar has one of the fiercest "backsides" in the history of Greyhound Racing. Once he is able to compete at the 3/8 distance he may prove to be unbeatable. In his maiden debut he shocked the world running a Track Record of 29.86. Proving that his was no fluke he has come back to run times of 30.05 and 30.06 as he has gone to Grade A in 5 starts.

    GREYS ROYALCROWN (ITS ACLEVERCATCH X GREYS LIBERTY) - Its Aclevercatch best son is clearly Greys Royalcrown who was a 2004 All-American. Do n't look now, but last year's Wheeling Track Win Leader has just come out of retirement to take on the best dogs in the Country in the Derby Lane Million. After a layoff from May 2005 to December 2005 he came back on 12/31/05 to clock a schooling time at Wheeling of 29.94. Look out Ladies and Gentleman; he is already in the compound at Derby Lane.

    HECK OF A RUCKUS (SOLITARY RUNNER X HEATHERS JEWEL) - Solitary Runner has produced more than his fair share of Stake Dogs. Heck Of A Ruckus is certainly one of his very best pups. He has won 22 Grade AA races at Wheeling in 2005. This invader has run an incredibly fast time of 29.59 at Wheeling and should not be taken lightly by the competition.

    I CAN SEE THAT (GABLE DODGE X B'S ROYAL TRY) - Gable Dodge was the #1 Sire in America in both 2004 and 2005 and has produced many Stake Dogs and All-Americans. I Can See That is another Iowa invader that recently won his schooling race at Derby Lane by 6 ½ lengths betting such great dogs as Flying Hydrogen, Moon MT Dipper and Lewis and Wax in the process.

    JOE HEARNS (CRAIGIE WHISTLER X TOUCHE BABY) - Another Craigie Whistler sired pups who won 30 Grade A races on the Tampa/St. Pete circuit in 2005. His mother was also a distance stakes Champion on the circuit. Joe Hearns was the Tampa Track Win Leader and also won the St. Pete Inaugural this year. During one stretch, he won 11 consecutive races, the most on the circuit since All-American Team Captain and Track Record Holder Cayman Went.

    JS IM SEEIN RED (CASTOR TROY X SOMEBODYS HONEY) - Castor Troy is another under-rated Sire in America. JS IM Seein Red is another invader from Iowa who has won top Grade races at both Dubuque and Bluff's Run. He really seems to extend when he is on the lead and has won races by 8, 9 and 10 lengths at both the 5/16 and 3/8 distances.

    KIOWA DELICATE (KIOWA SWEET T REY X KIOWA AL SEE YA) - Another Kiowa Sweet Trey sired female. Kiowa Delicate is a Wheeling invader and ran near track record at both the 5/16 and 3/8 distances there (29.44 versus track record 29.37 and 37.50 versus track record 37.40). Proving that her speed was no fluke, she has won 3 at of 4 Grade A races at Derby Lane including really fast race times of 30.15 and 30.22. She has a very quick come from behind style which should serve her well at St. Pete because of the long homestretch.

    LEWIS AND WAX (GREYS STATESMAN X HEAR WHAT I SAY) - Greys Statesman has sired many Stakes Dogs, including All-American Team Captain Talentedmrripley who is the former Track Record Holder at Derby Lane (30.15). Lewis and Wax is sure to be an All-American himself in 2005 as he has run the two fastest times at Wheeling over the 5/16 distance (29.37 and 29.38). Lewis and Wax won 24 Grade AA races in 2005 at Wheeling and Bluffs Run (where he made the finals of the $300,000 OPEN).

    MULBERRY GUS (CASTOR TROY X MUBERRY JADE) - Castor Troy is another under-rated Sire in America. Mulberry Gus was the Kansas Bred Sprint Champion in 2005. He also won top Grade Races at Hollywood, Dubuque and Southland. He won 13 Top Grade races in 2005 at four different racetracks. He recently schooled in at Derby Lane and won his race.

    PRESSER PACKED (TNT STAR WARS X ITSA MEMORY) - TNT Star Wars is another under-rated Sire in America. Presser Packed is another Iowa invader by way of Southland. He has run an incredibly fast time of 31.94 at Southland winning that race by 9 lengths. His margin of victory in his race before that was by 10 lengths. He just won his schooling race at Derby and beat a nice field which included Boone's Fishnkid.

    RACERS ROULETTE (KIOWA SWEET TREY X MODEST MISS*) - Another Kiowa Sweet Trey sired female. This speedster is an invader from Iowa where she was the '05 Futures Star Champ at Dubuque. She has also won 2 top grade races at Bluffs Run. Derby Lane will be the 3rd different racetrack that she has competed in at top grade level.

    SANTA FE BOGEY (CRAIGIE WHISTLER X SANTA FE SPLASH) - Another Craigie Whistler sired pup, Santa Fee Bogey is another Wheeling shipper that possesses incredible speed. He has run near track record time of 29.48 (Wheeling Track Record is 29.37 held by Lewis and Wax). Santa Fe Bogey has won 11 Grade AA races at Wheeling in his young career including one stretch where he won four Grade AA Races in a row. He is an awesome Racing Greyhound and is extremely tough to catch once he has made the lead.

    SNUGGLE ME (CRAIGIE WHISTLER X MARRISA TO WIN) - Another Craigie Whistler sired pup that made his claim to fame by winning the Juvenile Stakes at Orange Park in 2005. He is a mid track to wide runner and has a come from behind style that should make him perfectly suited to the Derby Lane surface. This young pup has a lot of "HEART" and keeps coming at you evidenced by his 15 Grade A race wins in his career.

    TRENT LEE (BRETT LEE X SAN TAN GEM) - billed as Brett Lee's fastest son at stud in America, this black male traveled from Caliente Mexico to Wheeling where he beat Track Record Holder Lewis and Wax by 4 ½ lengths in their only head to head meeting. After that victory, "Adios" Lee was shipped to Abilene Kansas to do 5 months of work in the breeding barn. The "Caliente Kid" traveled to Derby Lane about 2 months ago and after being acclimated to the track, won both his schooling races by large margins, averaging double digit lengths in the victories. Trent has won 4 out of 7 of his Grade A starts and was finalist in the just concluded All-Star Kennel Stakes. Trent has run two of the fastest times in the racetrack's history at 30.14 and 30.16.

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