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    Welcome to the Iowa Greyhound Association!

    The Iowa Greyhound Association's website is designed to provide information about the dog racing industry in the state. The IGA's goal is to promote and market the sport of greyhound racing and grow its fan base and provide entertainment to the great citizens of Iowa and the Midwest.





    Greyhound Racing NOTICE if you had dogs that raced 2011 thru 2015 @ Bluffs Run
    Posted by Admin on Saturday, February 06 @ 12:21:30 CST (11 reads)

    If you had dogs that raced at Bluffs Run in 2011 thru 2015 and HAVE NOT received a W 9 form from the IGA law firm you need to contact:

    ayates1621@aol.com or Crawford law firm. 515-245-5420 ASAP

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    Greyhound Racing For Sale
    Posted by Admin on Tuesday, February 02 @ 12:32:10 CST (17 reads)

    500 lb Rice Lake scale. $150.00

    6 unit crate. Hand dipped galvanized, removable Formica floors. $300.00

    Paper cutter on stand . 19 inch roll. $200.00

    Portable paper cutter . 17 inch rolls. $100.00

    Plastic airline crates. Large. $40.00

    Medium. $25.00

    Small. $15.00


    Lori Fortune. 402-290-8466

    Beverly Yates. 402-290-5476

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    Greyhound Racing to anyone this refers to
    Posted by Admin on Monday, February 01 @ 22:31:06 CST (46 reads)

    Contrary to wild rumors:

    The Crawford Law Firm did not receive a dime from the Escrow money awarded to Dubuqe for racing last season.

    Some people just like to keep things stirred up.

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    Greyhound Racing Purse Escrow Fund created in 1995 Arbitration Decision
    Posted by Admin on Monday, January 25 @ 12:39:32 CST (152 reads)

    Purse Escrow Fund created in 1995 Arbitration Decision

    Dear Potential Recipient:

    On March 5, 2015, the Iowa Racing and Gaming Commission passed a motion providing for one-half of the purse escrow fund created in the 1995 Arbitration Decision of Arthur Blair to be distributed to purse recipients at Bluffs Run. The IRGC’s motion requires distributions to be based on the previous five years of purse payments. Pursuant to Iowa Code §99D.9A(6), the Iowa Greyhound Association is coordinating the distribution of the fund in accordance with the IRGC’s motion.

    If the IRGC and Bluffs Run have identified you as having received purse payments from Bluffs run during the previous five years you will be receiving a cover letter and W-9. The first step in the process for you to receive your distribution is to complete, sign and return the enclosed W-9: (1) fill in the Tax ID number using the number applicable to the name of the person/entity identified in Box 1; (2) sign and date where indicated on the form; and (3) return the completed W-9 to our office: 1701 Ruan Center, Des Moines, Iowa 50309.


    The distribution amount will be calculated using the same formula the IRGC utilized in making its cessation fund distributions. We anticipate sending distribution payments beginning the first week of March 2016. The payments will include a complete itemization of the distributions.

    Thank you for your attention to this matter.

    Nicholas J. Mauro

    Crawford & Mauro Law Firm

    1701 Ruan Center

    Des Moines, Iowa 50309



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    Greyhound Racing Iowa Greyhound Park 2016 Kennel List
    Posted by Admin on Tuesday, January 12 @ 18:19:18 CST (260 reads)

    Below are the kennels that have been awarded a 2016 kennel contract for Iowa Greyhound Park. If any of the kennels decide not to accept the 2016 kennel contract for Iowa Greyhound Park we will fill that spot with another applicant that had applied for the 2016 booking.

    Iowa Greyhound Park kennels that have been awarded a 2016 kennel booking:

    1. Superior Kennel

    2. Boeckenstedt Kennel

    3. Xtrem Hess Kennel

    4. Collins-Schmidt Kennel

    5. Copper Kettle Kennel

    6. Jackson Greyhounds Kennel

    7. T and T Kennel

    8. Wayne R. Ward Kennel

    9. Clayton Black Kennel

    10. Stidham Racing Kennel

    Sincerely, Kennel Application & Approval Board

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    Greyhound Racing The December IGA newsletter
    Posted by Admin on Monday, December 21 @ 12:48:59 CST (772 reads)

    The December IGA newsletter is being finalized.

    Once we get articles from the closing of Bluffs Run with photos. There will be an insert in the news. Be Patient.

    Thanks Gloria Sanders Iowa Executive Secretary & IGA news Editor

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    Greyhound Racing 2015 All Bluffs Run Team by Steve Sigafoose
    Posted by Admin on Saturday, December 19 @ 18:52:27 CST (108 reads)

    There is something fitting that the final All Bluffs Run Team Greyhound of the Year award should be shared and that an extra box had to be build into the starting block as nine greyhounds, instead of the usual eight, made the team.

    But that is exactly what happened as a field of 29 candidates was narrowed down in the process to determine who was to be honor for the last time at Bluffs Run.

    Sharing the Greyhound of the Year award was the Boeckenstedt Kennel duo of Boc’s Hank Jr and Boc’s Tony Romo.

    Boc’s Hank Jr, a 75-pounder born Feb. 5, 2013 out of Kiowa Mon Manny – Boc’s Miss Rodeo, topped the Bluffs Run win list with a 46-27-5-7 record. He capped his season by winning the $500,000 Iowa Breeders Classic, had a third place finish in the $60,000 Secretary’s Choice and was finalist in the $60,000 Bluffs Run Open. It could be argued that Hank was maybe the most talented greyhound at the track in 2015.

    If Hank wasn’t, then the most talented greyhound was Boc’s Tony Romo, a 71-pounder born March 27, 2013 out of Flying Penske – Boc’s Slim N Fit. Romo’s highlight was winning the $60,000 Open, probably Bluffs Run’s toughest stakes race. He was also second in the $60,000 3-8 Mile Derby and a finalist in the $60,000 Secretary’s Choice. None of the greyhounds at Bluffs Run had a better finishing kick than Tony Romo.

    Here is the rest of the All Bluffs Run team, in no particular order.

    Barts Bold Ruler (Bartley Corporation Kennel), 45-18-9-3, was an impressive second in the $60,000 Open and a finalist in the $60,000 Juvenile. He is a 73-pounder, born May 26, 2013 out of Pacific Mile – Barts Companion.

    Boc’s John Luke (Boeckenstedt), 33-10-4-4, was Bluffs Run’s Greyhound of the Year in 2014 when he won a pair of stakes titles. The 74-pounder, born Sept. 2, 2011 out of Super Lee – Antsie Nancy got better as the season went on with his highlight a solid third place finish in the $500,000 Iowa Breeders Classic.

    Boc’s Sailfish (Boeckenstedt), 46-19-9-7, was overshadowed in his own kennel despite winning two stakes titles. The 70-pounder, born July 31, 2012 out of Djays Octane – Boc’s Mc Raisen, won the $60,000 Secretary’s Choice in May and the $60,000 Finale in September. He was also third in the $60,000 Open and the finalist in the $500,000 Iowa Breeders Classic. Helpme Helpyou (Seastrom-Lovely), 37-15-4-2, took second in the $60,000 Secretary’s Choice and made the final of both the $60,000 Finale and the $500,000 Iowa Breeders Classic. The 74-pounder was born Aug. 3, 2013 out of Djays Octane – Ocean Avenue.

    No Big Deal (Hardison), 54-19-10-6, was an impressive second in the $500,000 Iowa Breeders Classic and was also a finalist in the $60,000 Finale. No Big Deal is an 82-pounder, born April 4, 2013 out of Flying Coal City – Niesi.

    O Ya Spunky (Bartley Corporation), 59-18-12-8, is a 69-pounder. He was born March 4, 2013 out of Kiowa Sweet Trey – O Ya Queenie. Spunky was a finalist in the $60,000 Open.

    The veteran Splish Splash (Black), 46-17-8-7, was a finalist in the $60,000 3-8 Mile Derby. She is a 61-pounder born Sept. 2, 2011 out of Kiowa Mon Manny – Patch On Monday.

    Two greyhounds just missed the All Bluffs Run team and received honorable mention status.

    L Tootie (Harlan Brothers), 57-15-6-10, is the grandmother of the team with a birthday of June 4, 2011. The 73-pounder was born out of Kiowa Mon Manny – Slatex Porsche. This is almost a lifetime achievement award as L Tootie has 179 career starts at Bluffs Run that has produced 53 wins and 110 in the money finishes.

    Boc’s Gasguzzier (Boeckenstedt), 47-13-12-6, is another greyhound from the kennel that was overlooked. The 73-pounder, born Jan. 19, 2013 out of Little Andy – Kelsos Mercedes, won the $60,000 3-8 Mile Derby; he was second in the $60,000 Finale and a finalist in the $500,000 Iowa Breeders Classic.

    Greyhounds of the Year 2015 – Boc’s Hank Jr and Boc’s Tony Romo

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    Greyhound Racing 2015 BLUFFS RUN TRAINER OF THE YEAR
    Posted by Admin on Saturday, December 19 @ 18:38:44 CST (109 reads)

    Everyday this year at Bluffs Run, in the mornings, the Harlan Brothers Kennel trainer Lori Fortune was out walking the track.

    “It is something I’ve done,” said Fortune, “or my help has done I couldn’t do the walk, for eight years. It is amazing what I have come across. I have picked up rocks as big as my fist, bricks, tractor parts, so many things that would make it dangerous for the greyhounds to run.”

    Ten years (2005) after being named Trainer of the Year at Bluffs Run, Fortune receives the award for the second time.

    “It is exciting to be the final trainer to win the award,” said Fortune, ‘but I feel like this has been one of my worst years.”

    Fortune came to Bluffs Run in 1998 and joined the Harlan Brothers in 2003. “Bobby and Jerry Harlan have treated me really well,” said Fortune. “It’s been a successful operation. I also have good help with the work of my assistant trainers Joe Bloom and Kodi Smith.

    Making the whole operation work is the trainer and Fortune did it this year while dealing with her own battle.

    “I found out on June 29,” said Fortune, “I had Stage 1 breast cancer. “In September I began chemotherapy. I get that every three weeks. The radiation will start in February and will run to September.”

    Fortune doesn’t mince words about the disease.

    “It takes its toll since a trainer works a split shift,” Fortune said. “It wears you down, but, at times, I swear, I think the worst part is it kills your taste buds.”

    Reflecting on the racing season, Fortune felt “our highlight was L Tootie. She won seven straight races early in the year and was ranked nationally. (Now more than four years olds) she is amazing. She will probably finish with 180 career starts.”

    Looming over everything is the closing of Bluffs Run.

    “That fact is depressing,” said Fortune. “I love the greyhounds. I’ve decided that I am going to be done with the business (when the track closes in December 2015) and I am going to be with family.”

    Trainers of the Year

    2015 - Lori Fortune

    2014 – Phil Stapleton

    2013 – Monte Hoopes,p> 2012 – Lori Legg

    2011 – Chuck Sheldon

    2010 – Monte Hoopes

    2009 – Ray Brownlee

    2008 – Ray Brownlee

    2007 – Ray Brownlee

    2006 – Ray Brownlee

    2005 – Lori Fortune>p> 2004 – Linda Willey

    2003 – Don Conatser

    2002 – Don Conatser

    2001 – Joe Osborne

    2000 – Jim Lovely

    1999 – Jay Rangel and Jim Prescott

    1998 – Tracy Nelson and Darlene White

    1997 – Louise Strong

    1996 – Andy Baker

    1995 – Randy Montgomery

    1994 – Jeff Grubbels

    1993 – Mark Arno

    1992 – Jeff Wilhite

    1991 – Rich Tomlinson

    1990 – Ron Mullen

    1989 – Bill Henry

    1988 – Marv Anderson

    story by Steve Sigafoose

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    Greyhound Racing Freezers from Bluffs for sale
    Posted by Admin on Friday, December 18 @ 09:40:20 CST (178 reads)

    Jon Stidham has 6 freezers from Bluffs for sale. $250 each....call. 402-658-9748

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    Greyhound Racing kennel booking application
    Posted by Admin on Saturday, December 12 @ 08:55:50 CST (141 reads)

    To whom it may concern

    The Iowa Greyhound Association felt we needed to give kennels more time to put in their kennel booking application for The Iowa Greyhound Park 2016 racing season.

    The 2016 season runs from May thru October.

    The Iowa Racing and Gaming Commission has asked, because of Bluffs Run closing, that we look at all applicant fairly, which means everyone will have to reapply for the 2016 kennel booking.

    Application must now be in by December 31st, 2015.

    Once all applications are in there will be a three person board on deciding the kennels that will get in for the 2016 season. Once you fill out the application you can return it in one of the following ways.

    Mail the application: Fax it: E-mail Iowa Greyhound Park 563-585-0415 Brianc@igaracing.com Att: Brian Carpenter Att Brian Carpenter 1899 Greyhound Park Drive Dubuque, IA 52001

    Brian R. Carpenter

    Director of Racing / G.M.

    The Iowa Greyhound Park

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