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    The Iowa Greyhound Association's website is designed to provide information about the dog racing industry in the state. The IGA's goal is to promote and market the sport of greyhound racing and grow its fan base and provide entertainment to the great citizens of Iowa and the Midwest.





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    Greyhound Racing Tough QuestionsÖ.No Answers by Dennis McKeon
    Posted by Admin on Tuesday, September 01 @ 19:47:37 CDT (6 reads)

    Those of you who believe that you are somehow more humane and morally superior to the people in the Greyhound Racing community, have a lot to learn about populations of dogs, and managing them. Each and every individual Greyhound for whom you profess to care so much, has emerged from a unique population of Greyhounds.

    Everything you love or may not love about those dogs, is inexorably linked by cause and effect, and by the highly selective process which racing demands that breeders employ, to the well being of that greater population of Greyhounds.

    The idea that the cessation of racing and breeding for racing, would not devastate your Greyhound population and all future populations of them, resulting in the loss, forever, of unique and irreplaceable strains and entire families of Greyhounds-- some of whose lineage can be do*****ented as far back as the 18th century--is short-sighted, to say the very least, and hardly more humane than whatever it is you find to be so distasteful about racing itself.

    The inconsolable, "ban everything I don't like" activist, who has no capacity or desire to engage in constructive (not destructive) behavior, or to participate in the cultural and material evolution of racing, is essentially promoting "advocacy by extinction", which is not now, nor will it ever be, a humane concept.

    Why is there a such gaping disconnect between the individual Greyhound and the population of Greyhounds, from which every individual Greyhound has emerged?

    How does one suppose to be any sort of an advocate, and how do you claim the moral high ground, until you mend that disconnect?

    These dogs don't suddenly appear from Unicorn dust. They are a result of thousands of years of breeding, and in modern times, dozens of female families and generations of having been bred to race---for nearly a century now. They are the embodiment of all that, the good, the bad, and the faulty. The Racing Greyhound today, is possibly the most fowardly adapted canine in the world, to its present function. That didn't happen by serendipity. It is the result of a design, a process, a model, where there are inputs (breeding, raising, training, handling) and feedbacks (the results of head to head racing competitions and how they are perceived to enable accurate selectivity) that forged the modern, Racing Greyhound, and which support the population of Greyhounds.

    You can't have a thriving, genetically diverse, and highly functional Greyhound, without having a thriving, genetically diverse, highly functional population of them. The Greyhound is a manifestation of his/her genetic wellsprings and their effect upon phenotype, temperament, disposition and function. Unless you have a better design or method in mind, to support, manage and preserve that Greyhound population--in all its diversity and functionality--your advocacy is simply, when it's all said and done, a call for the margination of a breed, and nothing more. And by any rational, humane standard, you aren't an advocate at all.

    So what are the anti-racing communities' plans---book, chapter and verse---for the future of the Greyhound, and future populations of them, to insure an array of genetic diversity and to maintain the high levels of functionality and stalwart disposition for which the breed is renown and embraced, once racing has been forcibly ended?

    Or will it be every dog for himself, "see ya, wouldn't wanna be ya", and your job is done?

    Copyright, 2015

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    Greyhound Racing Third round in the $30,000 Dubuque Classic Stakes on Friday, August 28
    Posted by Admin on Sunday, August 30 @ 16:55:48 CDT (11 reads)

    DUBUQUE, Ia. Ė Third round victories by Rock A By Shu Box and Pat C Rap Rap in the $30,000 Dubuque Classic Stakes on Friday, August 28, led the charge into the championship race at the Iowa Greyhound Park.

    This was the second straight win for Rock A By Shu Box (Jackson Greyhounds), a 61-pounder, born July 31, 2013 out of Bdís Grayson Ė Roc A By Cheetos. Thatís a nice comeback after she opened the Classic with a fourth-place effort. The third-round win was a box-to-wire blast from the four box as she pulled away for a seven-length decision. Shu Box goes into the final with a 17-5-1-2 record.

    Pat C Rap Rap (Collins-Schmidt) needed her third-round win, having collected only 13 points in the first two rounds. Sent off as the 27-1 longshot in the third-round race, the 68-pounder, born Feb. 20, 2013 out of Jd Titanium Ė Pat C Bs Rapidly, went box-to-wire from the two box to win by three and a half lengths to give her 33 points. Her time of 39.88 was the better of the two third-round races on the Dubuque course. Rap Rap moves into the final with a 17-3-2-1 record.

    Second in the points and the most consistent of the finalists was Princess Maddy (Copper Kettle). The 62-pounder, born June 8, 2011 out of Rhythmless Ė Kind Kelsey, had a second-round win and two seconds for a total of 44 points. Maddy moves into the final with a record of 13-3-2-1. Will Bill Reeves (Copper Kettle) had a win, a second and a third in the Classic to finish with 40 points. He saw his six-race win streak snapped in the Classic and moves into the final with a 15-6-1-5 record.

    Bs Greed (Copper Kettle) finished with 36 points thanks to a win and two thirds. He has a 20-2-5-6 record.

    Ms Makenna (Jackson Greyhounds) advanced despite a sixth-place finish in the third round. She had a first and a second in the earlier rounds and finished with 34 points. Overall, Makenna has a 19-4-4-3 record.

    Two greyhounds complete the final field with 25 points each. Bocís Sydney (Boeckenstedt), 16-2-4-3, started with a pair of seconds and had to survive a seventh place in the third round. O Ya Sweet Annie (Superior), 6-2-1-1, rallied for a second place in the third round to get her 25 points.

    There was a clean cut in the points. Two greyhounds topped the eliminated list with 23 points each, Pat C Pownzer (Collins-Schmidt) and Pat C Unplugged (Collins-Schmidt). Both won in the first round for 20 point, then struggled in the next two rounds.

    By the numbers, the final has six females in the field. The Copper Kettle Kennel has three finalists and the Jackson Greyhound Kennel has two.

    The championship race of the $30,000 Dubuque Classic Stakes will be run on Friday, Sept. 4.

    Story by Steve Sigafoose

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    Greyhound Racing The second round of the $30,000 Dubuque Classic
    Posted by Admin on Saturday, August 22 @ 20:29:46 CDT (46 reads)

    DUBUQUE, Ia. Ė The second round of the $30,000 Dubuque Classic Stakes at the Iowa Greyhound Park on Friday, August 21, produced a three-way tie for the lead with each greyhound sporting 32 points based on a win and a second.

    Ms Makenna (Jackson Greyhounds), 18-4-4-3, took her second round race by edging another co-leader, Will Bill Reeves (Copper Kettle), 14-6-1-4.

    Makenna, a 56-pounder, born May 6, 2013 out of Rhythmless Ė Sugar Foot Drive did a nice job of maintaining a lengthís lead through most of the race. Reeves, a 74 pounder, born May 18, 2013 out of Flying Coal City Ė Kind Kelsey, dominated Ms Makenna by nine lengths in the first round but saw his six-race win streak snapped this go-round.

    Princess Maddy (Copper Kettle) grabbed her share of the lead with a box-to-wire effort, the 62-pounder, born June 8, 2011 out of Rhythmless Ė Kind Kelsey won pulling away by six and a half lengths.

    Sitting comfortably in fourth place is Bs Greed (Copper Kettle). Winning for only the second time in 19 starts this season Greed, 19-2-5-5, held on as a two-length lead was sliced to a nose at the wire. Bs Greed is in fine shape with 28 points.

    At the other end of the points standings, three greyhounds tied for the final two spots with 11 points. A blind draw of the pills got Big Smile (Copper Kettle) and Superior Canard (Superior) into the third round and left out Pg Blue Belle.

    After the second round, the field was sliced in half from 32 to 16 greyhounds. The third round will be run on Friday, August 28, after which the field will be trimmed to the championship eight for the final on Friday, Sept. 4.

    The third round qualifiers (with kennels) and points earned:

    Ms Makenna (Jackson) 32; Princess Maddy (Copper Kettle) 32; Wild Bill Reeves (Copper Kettle) 32; Bs Greed (Copper Kettle) 28;

    Rock A By Shu Box (Jackson) 25; Bocís Sydney (Boeckenstedt) 24; Pat C Pownzer (Collins-Schmidt) 23; Pat C Unplugged (Collins-Schmidt) 21;

    Bocís Tamworth (Boeckenstedt) 20; Reigning (Hardison) 20; Xkt Dave Turin (XTREM) 15; Pat C Baljeet (Collins-Schmidt) 14;

    O Ya Sweet Annie (Superior) 13; Pat C Rap Rap (Collins-Schmidt) 13; Big Smile (Copper Kettle) 11; Superior Canard (Superior) 11

    Story by Steve Sigafoose.

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    Greyhound Racing $30,000 Dubuque Classic Stakes
    Posted by Admin on Saturday, August 15 @ 16:24:03 CDT (52 reads)

    The $30,000 Dubuque Classic Stakes got underway Friday, August 14, at the Iowa Greyhound Park with four first-round races.

    The opening race saw Pat C Pownzer (Collins-Schmidt), 5-3-2-0, pull away impressive in the homestretch for an eight-length triumph. His time of 39.43 seconds was the fastest of the four winners in the first round. Chasing to take second but never a factor for the win was Bocís Sydney (Boeckenstedt), 14-2-3-3.

    The second race stayed in the kennel as Collins-Schmidtís Pat C Unplugged, 13-6-3-0, rallied from second place in the homestretch to win by two lengths. Princess Maddy (Copper Kettle), 11-2-1-1, who had popped the three box, was left with a second place finish.

    The third race produced another homestretch romp. Wild Bill Reeves (Copper Kettle), 13-6-0-4, turned a two and a half length lead into a nine-length triumph. Ms Makenna (Jackson Greyhounds), 17-3-4-3, popped the seven box but had to settle for second place.

    The first round closed with Reigning (Hardison), 17-2-5-5, going box-to-wire from the five box to pick up a length and a half victory. Coming up in the homestretch to take second place was Pat C Baljeet (Collins-Schmidt), 13-2-2-2.

    The field of 32 greyhounds returns to the track on Friday, August 21, for the second round. After the second round, the field will be trimmed to 16 greyhounds for the Friday, August 28, third round.

    After the third round, the field will be trimmed for the Friday, September 4, championship run.

    Story by Steve Sigafoose

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    Greyhound Racing Women of Greyhound Racing
    Posted by Admin on Thursday, August 13 @ 11:46:04 CDT (134 reads)

    Please copy and paste on the following to open:


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    Greyhound Racing Boc's Tony Romo wins $60,000 2015 Bluffs Open
    Posted by Admin on Monday, August 03 @ 10:57:27 CDT (144 reads)

    Bocís Tony Romo (Flying Penske Ė Bocís Slim N Fit) from the Boeckenstedt Kennel, the favorite in the wagering pool did not disapoint the gamblers in the $60,000 final of the Bluffs Run Open.

    In the homestretch, Tony Romo passed Barts Bold Ruler to take a three-length win in the time of 29:82.

    Order of finish: Boc's Tony Romo - Barts Bold Ruler - Boc's Sailfish - O Ya Spunky - Illuminate - Kj's Jomax - Boc's Hank Jr - Ds Phoenix.

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    Greyhound Racing $60,000 Open at Bluffs Run to highlight the Saturday, July 25, semifinal races.
    Posted by Admin on Sunday, July 26 @ 12:09:15 CDT (177 reads)

    COUNCIL BLUFF, Ia. Ė With an impressive homestretch drive O Ya Spunky (Bartley Corporation) made quite the leap into the final of the $60,000 Open at Bluffs Run to highlight the Saturday, July 25, semifinal races.

    Spunky, a 69-pounder, born March 4, 2013 out of Kiowa Sweet Trey Ė O Ya Queenie, entered the semifinals tied for 21st in the points standings. He broke sixth in the dayís fifth race, the middle of the three semifinals, but quickly was on the heels of early leader DS Phoenix (Bean & Stout). Spunky kept the pressure on and passed Phoenix in the homestretch to win by a length. The victory gave O Ya Spunky, 36-14-7-2, his second win in the four qualifying rounds and a total of 40 points, good for a tie for fifth in the points and good for a berth in the final.

    Leading the charge to the championship race is Bocís Tony Romo (Boeckenstedt). The converted 3-8 miler also pulled off a homestretch rally, taking the first semifinal test by one and a half lengths in a time of 30.06 seconds for the 5-16 mile course, the best time of the three semifinals. It was Tony Romoís, 31-14-5-5, third straight win in the qualifiers and gave him a points-leading 55 points.

    Second in points was DS Phoenix, 17-6-2-2, who chased O Ya Spunky across the finish line. Her second place finish gave her 50 points thanks to two wins and two seconds in the four rounds.

    Third was the other semifinal winner, Barts Bold Ruler (Bartley Corporation). Bold Ruler, 35-15-6-2, won the sixth race on the card by a length. He finished with 46 points based on three wins and a last-place finish which happened when he fell in the quarterfinal race.

    The trackís victory leader, Bocís Hank Jr (Boeckenstedt), 29-18-2-6, finished with 42 points after finishing third behind O Ya Spunky. Troubled hampered Hank in the semifinal just like it did in the quarterfinal after Hank opened the series with two wins.

    KJís Jomax (Mickim), 31-6-4-7, who opened the qualifiers with two longshot wins, finished fourth in the last of the semifinal races but still qualified with 40 points.

    Two greyhounds completed the championship field by collecting 39 points each.

    Illuminate (Filipelli/Miner), 31-7-5-9, entered the semifinals tied for seventh and stayed right there with a third-place finish in the semis first race.

    Bocís Sailfish (Boeckenstedt), 28-10-6-5, the $60,000 Secretaryís Choice champion, made the jump from being tied for 10th after the quarterfinals to the championship field with a second-place finish in the first of the semifinal races.

    There was a clean cut in making the final. First out were two greyhounds with 37 points. Evolvingsitujhn (Plum Creek) had been tied for seventh after the quarterfinals but a fifth place finish in the last of the semifinals doomed him. Bocís Shamuel (Boeckenstedt) needed a win to qualify but ran second to Barts Bold Ruler to come up short.

    By the numbers, the Boeckenstedt Kennel has three greyhounds in the final and the Bartley Corporation has two. The final is male heavy with only DS Phoenix on the fair side.

    The $60,000 Open championship race is set for Saturday, Aug. 1.

    story by Steve Sigafoose

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    Greyhound Racing Iowa Racing and Gaming meeting on Buy Out
    Posted by Admin on Saturday, July 25 @ 08:07:48 CDT (179 reads)

    Iowa Racing and Gaming meeting

    A lot of confusion out there as to when is the date and time for the Racing Commission meeting at Prairie Meadows on the buyout.

    It is Wednesday July 29 at 8:30 A.M. at PRAIRIE MEADOWS RACETRACK & CASINO, One Prairie Meadows Drive, Altoona, IA

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    Greyhound Racing The quarterfinal round, of the $60,000 Bluffs Run Open by Steve Sigafoose
    Posted by Admin on Thursday, July 23 @ 19:59:33 CDT (189 reads)

    COUNCIL BLUFFS, Ia. Ė Four greyhounds entered the quarterfinal round on Wednesday, July 22, of the $60,000 Open at Bluffs Run running perfectly. But all four stumbled to shake up the points standings.

    When the six quarterfinal races were finished, two greyhounds were on top with 40 points each. That number is important; usually a greyhound collecting 40 points in the four qualifying rounds of a Bluffs Run stakes makes the championship race.

    One of new co-leaders is one of the second-round leaders. DS Phoenix (Bean & Stout). Phoenix, 16-6-1-2, was out finished in the homestretch to finish second in Wednesdayís seventh race by a length and a half.

    The other new co-leader is Bocís Tony Romo (Boeckenstedt), 30-13-5-5. Maybe the best finisher in the field, Tony Romo broke sixth in the eighth race and came on to rally in the homestretch to win by a length.

    The co-leaders have posted two wins and a second in the three rounds.

    There is a drop-off to a pair of second round leaders with 34 points each. Both posted fifth place finishes in the quarterfinal races.

    KJís Jomax (Mickim), 30-6-4-7, was second early on in the eighth race before fading to fifth.

    Bocís Hank Jr (Boeckenstedt), 28-18-2-5, had his five-race win streak snapped. He was running second before being bumped and blocked late in dropping to fifth.

    Jumping into the thick of the chase was a pair of quarterfinal round winners, the victories giving each of them 33 points.

    Evolvingsitujhn (Plum Creek), 22-6-4-5, gave a dominating effort in the sixth race in winning by eight and a half lengths.

    UB Bus Punk (Keeper-Red Rock), 16-5-2-2, went from a 23-1 longshot to a five length winner in the third race.

    The fourth of the second turn co-leaders, Barts Bold Ruler (Bartley Corporation), 34-14-6-2, fell in the first turn in the third race and finished last. That left him with 31 points and tied for seventh with two others

    The $60,000 3-8 Mile Derby champion Bocís Gasguzzier (Boeckenstedt), 29-8-7-3, got a big jump up by winning the fifth race by four lengths for his 31 points.

    Illuminate (Filipelli/Miner), 30-7-5-8, finished third in the fifth race for his 31 points.

    At the other side of the points list four greyhounds tied for the final two spots in the field of 24 for the semifinals. Two of the four had first-round wins and that eliminated the other two who did not have wins in the first three rounds.

    Advancing were Thief Inthenight (Plum Creek), 28-6-5-0, and Sweet Cheeses (Filipelli/Miner), 27-7-4-3.

    The semifinal races will be held on Saturday, July 25.

    Here are the 24 semifinalists with (their kennels) and point totals.

    DS Phoenix (Bean & Stout) 40; Bocís Tony Romo (Boeckenstedt) 40; Bocís Hank Jr (Boeckenstedt) 34; KJís Jomax (Mickim) 34; Evolvingsitujhn (Plum Creek) 33; UB Bus Punk (Keeper-Red Rock) 33; Barts Bold Ruler (Bartley Corporation) 31; Illuminate (Filipelli/Miner) 31; Bocís Gasguzzier (Boeckenstedt) 31; Bocís Sailfish (Boeckenstedt) 29; Go Bon Due South (Hardison) 29; Bocís John Luke (Boeckenstedt) 28; Bocís Mr Gardner (Boeckenstedt) 28; Highland Paco (Hardison) 27; Bocís Shamuel (Boeckenstedt) 27; Varoom Carmen (Filipelli/Miner) 26; Run To Be Running (Plum Creek) 26; Essential Quality (Plum Creek) 26; Ds Rumba (Keeper-Red Rock) 26; KC Fire N Ice (Bean & Stout) 26; JD Debutante (Seastrom-Lovely) 25; O Ya Spunky (Bartley Corporation) 25; Thief Inthenight (Plum Creek) 24; Sweet Cheeses (Filipelli/Miner) 24.

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    Greyhound Racing Iowa Greyhound Park
    Posted by Admin on Monday, July 20 @ 07:13:13 CDT (112 reads)

    Another good day at Iowa Greyhound Park. Total wagered on the dogs the afternoon of 7/19/2015 was $60,543

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